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122: Your Pets, Death, and Dying: Lorrie Shaw Talks Hospice, Fear Free, & Her Cat Silver

Lorrie Shaw tackles the difficult issue of Death and Dying in today’s episode. She also discusses the Fear Free movement.

The incredible Lorrie Shaw owns a pet sitting service in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area called Professional Pet Sitting. She is also a writer with her own blog entitled, “Animals Unfolded.” Lorrie is one of our favorite guests, spreading knowledge about animal behavior and care, and making it more accessible to the masses.

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118: Ask Irith, Part 7: Irith Bloom, Positive Reinforcement Trainer: Who’s The Boss?

Irith Bloom, positive reinforcement dog trainer, addresses the who is the boss? In other words, how dominant do humans need to be with their dogs. Also, Irith answers who the smartest dog breeds are.

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61: Ask Irith, Part 4: Irith Bloom, Positive Reinforcement Trainer: Submissive Peeing & Urination

Irith Bloom, positive reinforcement dog trainer, addresses the topic of submissive peeing or anxious or excited urination. For example, your dog goes a little crazy when you or someone else enters the room, and proceeds to urinate all over the place. Continue Reading →

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