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124: How to Rescue in a Natural Disaster: Joanne Greene, Forces of Nature, Hurricane Katrina

Joanne Greene is our amazing guest. She watched news of the human and animal suffering that Hurricane Katrina caused in 2005, and instead of staying put, she decided to do something about it. Forces of Nature is a book based on her experiences as well as those of Penny Koncz.

Forces of Nature by author Graham Spence is the remarkable story of the courage and commitment of two Continue Reading →

96: Catherine O’Brien, The Pawcast Podcast & Branch Out Programs

Catherine O’Brien is our incredible guest today. She is host of The Pawcast, a podcast that showcases the rescue animals of Friends of the Animals (FOTA) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She also runs Branch Out Programs, where she helps her clients transform presentations into courses, speaking series, and podcasts.

Today she shares about her thoughts on podcasting, animal rescue, and her own personal journey.

Friends of the Animals (FOTA) recently received a $25,000 grant from the Pedigree Foundation to help treat heartworm, something rescued dogs in Louisiana often suffer from.

To find Catherine O’Brien and her podcasts

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