Now iTunes is Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts

Something to consider. iTunes is now Apple Podcasts®. It was announced today and was reported soon after on 9 to 5 Mac.

Apple’s decision aligns branding with other products in the company, which looks to be incrementally moving away from the “i” designation. Two examples that come to mind are Apple Watch, Apple’s device launched in 2015, which never carried the iWatch moniker; and Apple Music, which competes with Pandora, Spotify, and a host of other music apps.

iTunes as a term was starting to sound a bit dated, especially since the offerings on the iTunes app expanded beyond songs from popular artists years ago. Unlike iTunes, the word podcast, which is a mash-up of the terms “iPod” and “broadcast,” does not seem to be going out of style any time soon, as Apple’s new name suggests. And podcasts as a whole are steadily growing in number, as the Pew Research Center reports. According to the report, the number of adults who have ever listened to a podcast is 36%, double the percentage from 2008. Both the number of podcasts and number of total podcast listens have grown year after year.

Listeners in general should notice no difference in the functionality of Apple Podcasts from iTunes. So far, the iPhone’s built-in Podcasts app continues to work the same way as before, as does the iTunes application on an iMac.

Apple Podcasts, even with the general limitation of not being available on Android devices, continues to be the dominant application for listening to podcasts, followed by a large number of Apple iOS and Android-compatible podcast apps. Music services such as iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, and Spotify, along with Amazon’s audiobook service, Audible, are expanding their podcast platforms.

So for Pawprint, Apple Podcasts represents the exact same location, but with a different name, to enjoy your favorite animal rescue podcast!! Click below to see and hear for yourself.

Apple Podcasts

You can also type in into your favorite browser to pull up the Apple Podcasts app on your favorite Apple phone, tablet, or computer.

Thanks for your support of animal rescue, along with the animals and people who make it happen!

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