About our podcasting equipment

Here’s a list of the podcasting equipment that Nancy Rhee and Harold Rhee use. It sounds like a lot, but it is manageable.

Podcasting Equipment – Hardware

  • Our digital recorder is a Zoom H6
  • Our USB microphone (for Skype interviews) is a Rode Podcaster Microphone
  • Our iPhone microphone (for phone interviews) is an iRig Microphone for iPhone
  • Our regular mics are a mix of Sennheiser and GLS microphones
  • Our external power pack for the Zoom H6 is an Anker Astro E5 Battery Pack

Podcasting Equipment – Software

  • For Internet calls, we use Skype
  • Our editing software is Adobe Audition
  • Our podcast hosting for the RSS feed (works with iTunes, Stitcher, and so on) is Liberated Syndication, also known as LibSyn
  • We also post our podcasts on SoundCloud
  • Our website host is Bluehost, and it is a WordPress site
  • Our design theme is WooThemes’s Canvas

Podcasting Equipment – Music, Voice, and Photo

  • Our music is all from the amazing Luke Gartner-Brereton of Vanilla Groove Studios
  • Our adult outro voice is Dr. Christine Chang Lim
  • Our child outro voice is Bailey Endicott
  • The woohoo outro voice is Harold.
  • Dog photo in the Pawprint logo is of our dog Lego


  • Additional thanks to John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson of Podcasters’ Paradise for creating a Podcasters’ support group that is like no other
  • And to Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast Answer Man, for being the first ever podcast I ever listened to, ever!!!

If you want to learn more about Nancy and Harold, go to our About Us page at thisispawprint.com/about or listen to our introductory podcast episode, “Fifty Puppies and a Podcast.” Thanks!

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