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127: What Would Katie Krimitsos Do? Facebook and Animal Rescue Organizations

Katie Krimitsos is host of the popular business podcast, Biz Women Rock! in the Tampa, Florida area. She talks in today’s episode about Facebook best practices for your animal rescue community.

Biz Women Rock! – Katie’s podcast

Biz Women Rock’s Facebook Page

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105: Amy Sutherland, Author, Rescuing Penny Jane + What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, & Marriage

We are giving away ONE signed copy of Rescuing Penny Jane by Amy Sutherland. It’s a very meaningful book for the rescue dog hero in your life.

To qualify to win, write us a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or both. Deadline is end of day (midnight Pacific Time) on Sunday, March 12, 2017. Winner to be announced in an upcoming episode.

Amy Sutherland lives in the Boston area and is the bestselling author of four books. Three of them are about animals – Kicked, Bitten, and Scratched; What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage; and her latest, Rescuing Penny Jane.

Amy’s popular Modern Love column in The New York Times, which led to her book What Shamu Taught Me…, became the paper’s most emailed story of 2006.

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101: Patrick Major, Meet Sammy Davis: Who Rescued Whom

Patrick Major is our special guest today and he shares an incredible story. For much of his life, he suffered from kidney failure and disability from CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) Disease. When Patrick was at a low point, depressed and considering suicide, that’s when he and his girlfriend discovered the healing power from a dachshund named Sammy Davis.

Patrick and Sammy Davis were featured on an Animal Planet show called Saved, and Sammy Davis has won Wiener Dog races and is an accomplished disc dog. Patrick can be found through “Meet Sammy Davis.” Two more dogs have joined the family – Karma, an Australian Shepherd, and Marley, a small dog mix, and they are both disc dogs.

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90: Marie Macaspac, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Marie Macaspac offers some terrific marketing and branding tips, along with observations on Muttville’s founder Sherri Franklin and how her leadership empowered Marie and others. All part of a larger journey transforming Muttville into one of the premier rescue organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a powerful image synonymous with senior dogs.

Marie Macaspac is founder of both Switchblade Creative Studios and Animal Rescue Marketing. She is also Director of Marketing for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, which started in founder Sherri Franklin’s home.

Our episode starts when Marie Rochelle Macaspac left behind a corporate marketing job to start her own path. While starting to build her own business, Marie loved that she was able spend most of her days with one of her closest friends – her dog Jazmin – by her side.

A year later, Jazmin died.

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87: Luke Gartner-Brereton, Musician and Composer, Rust Chronicles: The Music of Pawprint

Luke Gartner-Brereton is the artist who composed all the music you hear on Pawprint. Luke lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with his family. He has also lived in Melbourne and Cairns.

The songs featured on today’s episode
  • Unbearable Lightness (our usual intro music)
  • Ambrosia
  • Panini Fandango
  • Love in London
  • Sweet Sorrow
  • Riviera

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86: Four Great Writers and Inspiring Animals: Authors and Writers on Pawprint

Nancy and Harold discuss fosters Cooper and Whisper, and highlight four amazing guests who are authors or writers from the Pawprint Animal Rescue Podcast. We have eighteen guests who have either written a book or write as a profession.

Writing can be very personal.
A way to reflect and to document something you experienced. Dr. Sarah Boston from episode 3, is a veterinary surgical oncologist at the University of Florida. Sarah is a cancer survivor herself and she shares a little bit of what she went through. Her journey would inspire her to write her book Lucky Dog.

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85: Ramona Rice, Podcaster & Content Marketer: How People and Pets Mourn

Ramona Rice is host of two podcasts – The Sports Gal Pal, and We Should Not Be Friends, which she co-hosts with Tim Jester. She is moving in other directions, including Content Marketing, and building a spa consulting business, which leverages the resources of her family’s spa business.

Ramona shares about her dog Sophie, and how she, her two children, and Sophie have lived in the aftermath of the death of her husband James.

The Sports Gal Pal

We Should Not Be Friends (strong language)

84: Ken Wyrsch + Oli Go Viral: Your Iraqi Animal Rescue Story

Ken Wyrsch traveled to Northern Iraq earlier in 2016 to find a way to help after ISIS overtook parts of Iraq. Ken had served in the United States Armed Forces previously, but this time went on his own initiative, away from his everyday life, to volunteer. In the months Ken spent there he made friends with several dogs, including Oli, who eventually took a trip to the US to join Ken.

Ken and Oli’s story went viral, and in today’s episode, Ken tells the rest of the story in greater detail. Thank you to Ken Wyrsch for sharing his story and to SPCA International (SPCAI) for reuniting Oli with Ken.

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83: Nancy and Harold talk the Boomerang, the Pirate, and Athena

Nancy and Harold Rhee catch up on three wonderful dogs – Phelps, Giovanni, and Athena.

Phelps, also known as the Boomerang. Phelps was fostered, then adopted, then returned, and two days later got adopted at the Bay Area Pet Fair in San Rafael, California.

Giovanni, renamed Newton, also known as the Pirate. Giovanni is a one-eyed dog who Nancy and Harold took care of for an evening before he got adopted. The very next day he got adopted at the Bay Area Pet Fair.

Athena, who was a stinky, matted mess when Nancy picked her up, is now a beautiful dog. Here are some photos!
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82: Eric Zimmer, The One You Feed Podcast: The Two Wolves Inside Us

Eric Zimmer is the co-host of The One You Feed podcast, “Creating A Life Worth Living.” Produced with his friend, Chris Forbes, one unique and wonderful aspect of the show is starting each interview with a parable of two wolves. In today’s interview, Eric discusses the podcast, his own journey, and his three dogs – Sadie, Ralph, and Beans.

One memorable quote from Eric, “Loneliness is probably worse for you than smoking.”

Eric Zimmer resides in the Columbus, Ohio area.

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81: Jaclyn Smith, Closer to Dog Podcast: Journey with Dogs, Wolves, & Coyotes

Jaclyn Smith is host of the new podcast, Closer to Dog. Learn about her journey with animals, including wolves and coyotes, and her lifelong passion for dogs. Jaclyn also discusses her two pets, Lucca the dog and Coogan the cat, in today’s episode.

Closer to Dog will launch on Monday, October 17, 2016.

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80: Genevieve Frederick, Pets of the Homeless: Four Amazing Programs

Genevieve Frederick is President and Founder of Pets of the Homeless in Carson City, Nevada. Pets of the Homeless has four important programs for homeless and low income families and their pets: Pet Food Donation, Wellness Clinics, Emergency Pet Care, and Pet Crates for qualified organizations.

Genevieve shares her journey and teaches some great lessons on the power of asking and spreading the word.

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78: Ellie Lee, TV Host and Actress: Your Animal Rescue Story

Ellie Lee is a television host and actress, and she can be found hosting a music news show with iHeartRadio on Direct TV. She’s recently been on the Wendy Williams show, and her past roles include Pop Culture Correspondent on VH-1.

Ellie is an animal rescue hero with some incredible stories, including Hank the Gentleman and Nala. She currently lives in New York City and grew up in New Jersey.

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77: Mark Dillon, Plant-Based Conversations Podcast: Your Animal Rescue & Vegan Story

Mark Dillon is host of Mark Dillon’s Plant-Based Conversations podcast (formerly the Mindful Vegan podcast). He has a wide range of impressive guests – doctors, chefs, and people who may surprise you as being vegans. In today’s episode, Mark discusses his own journey to becoming a vegan, and shares his animal rescue story.

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