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110: Three Events That Made Nancy and Harold’s Weekend Great

Nancy and Harold discuss three animal rescue events that made last weekend great. And exhausting. But mostly great!

On Friday, Nancy helped with a Wings of Rescue flight, the third one of 2017 Nancy worked on. She worked hard to coordinate the flight of sixteen dogs from Northern California to a variety of no-kill shelters in Spokane, Washington. Nancy shares some of her thoughts from that day.

On Saturday, Nancy and Harold attended the Business of Saving Lives conference which brings together many animal rescue people from the San Francisco Bay Area. It was the thirteenth annual event at Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation. Some great speakers, including Dr. Regan McGowan; Erin Kerley and Audra Farrell; Renee Harris; and especially, Dr. Kate Hurley.

On Sunday, it was St. Pitty’s Day at Contra Costa Animal Services, an event that attracts potential adopters to meet a wide variety of dogs from Contra Costa Animal Services and other rescue organizations. Nancy and Harold discuss the adoption of Continue Reading →

99: Nancy discusses Wings of Rescue flight, Harold talks animal photography

In today’s episode, Nancy shares her experience helping transport 14 dogs from Livermore Airport in California to Idaho with the organization Wings of Rescue. The Front Street Animal Shelter transported 25 dogs!

Harold shares some of his thoughts on shelter animal photography for the beginner photographer.

Resources for Nancy Rhee’s discussion on Wings of Rescue

Contra Costa Animal Services

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83: Nancy and Harold talk the Boomerang, the Pirate, and Athena

Nancy and Harold Rhee catch up on three wonderful dogs – Phelps, Giovanni, and Athena.

Phelps, also known as the Boomerang. Phelps was fostered, then adopted, then returned, and two days later got adopted at the Bay Area Pet Fair in San Rafael, California.

Giovanni, renamed Newton, also known as the Pirate. Giovanni is a one-eyed dog who Nancy and Harold took care of for an evening before he got adopted. The very next day he got adopted at the Bay Area Pet Fair.

Athena, who was a stinky, matted mess when Nancy picked her up, is now a beautiful dog. Here are some photos!
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75: Nancy and Harold: Pit Bull Series Wrap, Our Amazing Fosters, Montreal BSL & Ban

Nancy and Harold wrap up our Pit Bull Series, discuss our Wonder Fosters – KD, who got adopted, Curry, and Phelps – and talk about the Montreal vote on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) that would ban pit bull-type dogs.

Some major population areas that do ban pit bull-type dogs include Miami-Dade County, Florida, Denver, Colorado, and the Province of Ontario. Statistically, it has been difficult to see how dog bans improve public safety.

Montreal Gazette article on the pit bull ban

Nancy Rhee rescues dogs primarily through the Contra Costa Humane Society in Northern California.

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70: Nancy, Harold, & the Adventures of Curry, Simone, and KD

Nancy Rhee and Harold Rhee discuss fosters Curry, Simone (adopted!), and KD. Nancy primarily fosters with the Contra Costa Humane Society.

Curry is named after Stephen Curry, and KD is named after Kevin Durant. Both play basketball for the Golden State Warriors.

Join us for our upcoming interview with Bronwen Dickey, author of Pit Bull: The Battle Over An American Icon. Continue Reading →

13: Pawprint Update + 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Nancy and Harold

Listen to an update about the Pawprint Animal Rescue podcast, including the top nations who listen to the show, and seven things you did not know about Nancy and Harold Rhee. 

1. Harold Rhee is allergic to cats

2. Nancy Rhee is trilingual (Korean, Japanese, English)

3. Harold runs half marathons (thank you Vicki DeMenno!)

4. Nancy loves coffee and sweets

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