76: Adam Goldberg, Pet Photographer, AGoldPhoto: Animal Rescue Creativity

Adam Goldberg is a pet photographer in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. He has some wonderful perspectives on creative and artistic ideas for animal rescue, including his Photo Shoot Fundraisers. Adam can be found through AGoldPhoto or hanging out with his dog, Rigby.

Adam Goldberg featured on FOX Channel 13’s Jennifer Epstein as a Hometown Hero

Photo of Adam Goldberg’s Pottery Barn gallery

Other Resources

Humane Society of Tampa Bay http://humanesocietytampa.org

Humane Society of Broward County http://humanebroward.com

Seth Casteel is a photographer known for his underwater photos of animals.

Thank you Adam!!!

Photo credit of Adam & Rigby: John Weatherby http://www.weatherbyphotography.com

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