55: Thomas English: Your Lone Star Animal Rescue Story

Thomas English is a math professor with a Texas-sized heart for animal welfare. After Tom moved to Galveston County in Texas, he witnessed how animals suffered in the overcrowded conditions of his local animal shelter.

Tom was mentioned in Rescue Road, the New York times bestseller about animal rescuer Greg Mahle, written by Peter Zheutlin. In today’s episode, Tom offers his wisdom and insights from his years of helping save thousands of animals.

Tom is originally from Erie, Pennsylvania.


If you would like to support Tom English and his work, he recommends that you donate to 31 Paws, which helps fund efforts at the Brazoria County Shelter.


Tom’s Vaccination Program

Tom works with Merck Animal Health http://www.merck-animal-health-usa.com through a shelter/rescue vaccine program they have. He purchases approximately 40,000 vaccine doses per year for redistribution to rescues and smaller shelters. Larger organization often set up their own program, but many of the smaller ones are not able to handle the paperwork of such transactions, so Tom helps those organizations. This allows the smaller shelters and rescues to benefit from volume buying.

The core vaccines he uses are

  • Canine DHPP
  • Canine Intra-Trac III (Bordetella)
  • Feline RCP

Brazoria County Animal Control is the organization where Tom spends much of his time photographing dogs and cats and offering vital health assistance.

K9 Airlift is one of the organizations Tom works with.

Thomas English

Tom English has helped rescue thousands of animals

Other Resources

Greg Mahle is founder of Rescue Road Trips. Greg drives approximately 4,000 miles every two weeks to deliver dogs in the Southern United States to rescue organizations in the Northeast.

Peter Zheutlin wrote Rescue Road, the book about Greg Mahle which also includes the story of other animal rescue heroes like Tom English

Labs4Rescue is an organization in New England that works with Tom and Greg Mahle

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