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127: What Would Katie Krimitsos Do? Facebook and Animal Rescue Organizations

Katie Krimitsos is host of the popular business podcast, Biz Women Rock! in the Tampa, Florida area. She talks in today’s episode about Facebook best practices for your animal rescue community.

Biz Women Rock! – Katie’s podcast

Biz Women Rock’s Facebook Page

Biz Women Rock’s Facebook Group (it is a closed group, subject to moderator’s approval)

Tell a story with your Facebook page

  1. Experiment. What may have worked three years ago may not work today.
  2. Facebook Live is a great way to tell a story honestly and invite your followers into your world.
  3. Your Facebook strategy should get your followers to engage and ultimately to become advocates for you.

Dusty Showers

Suncoast Animal League

Rescue Road Trips

Wings of Rescue

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

Facebook Page vs Group


  1. With a Page, you can talk to your audience, and your audience can talk to you.
  2. Your audience “Likes” your page to follow you, and popular pages can have hundreds of thousands of Likes.
  3. Pages are public.


  1. With a Group, you can talk to your audience, your audience can talk to you, and your audience can talk to one another. Like an online forum or bulletin board.
  2. Your audience “Joins” your page, subject to your approval.
  3. Groups can be public, closed, or even secret.

Our previous interview with Katie:

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About Nancy and Harold Rhee

We have been married over 20 years, fostered over 60 dogs in the past four years, and we love animal rescue and the amazing people who dedicate their lives. And of course, the dogs and cats!

If you want to learn more about Nancy and Harold, go to our About Us page at or listen to our introductory podcast episode, “Fifty Puppies and a Podcast.”

About Pawprint

Pawprint (or Paw Print) is a weekly podcast dedicated to animal rescue, adoption, and the heroes who make it happen. Volunteer, walk, adopt, or foster a dog, cat, rabbit, or other wonderful pet through your local shelter, humane society, SPCA, pound, and animal control. Stop abuse, and help increase animal protection, welfare, and rights.

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126: Saving One Iguana At A Time: Nicole Spencer, Southern Reptile Saviors Rescue

Nicole Spencer is our rockin’ reptile-loving guest today. She is with Southern Reptile Saviors Rescue in North Carolina, and her current focus is twenty iguanas, along with many other animals, including tortoises which can live over 100 years! She is married with two kids.

Nicole reviews some important basics – vegetarian diet, lighting, and humidity. Iguanas require all three to survive and to thrive! She also discusses the importance of a veterinarian who specializes in reptiles, and expectations for potential iguana adopters.

Founded by Kim Alderman, Southern Reptile Saviors Rescue Inc is a registered 501c3 animal rescue located in coastal North Carolina. They consist of a group of volunteers who are passionate about saving the lives of homeless, unwanted, or injured reptiles. They foster, rehab, and rehome every type of reptile out there, from snakes to lizards and everything in between.

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