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104: Tamar Arslanian, Author, Shop Cats of New York, and I Have Cat blog

We are giving away ONE copy of Shop Cats of New York by Tamar Arslanian, photography by Andrew Marttila. It’s a lovely book for the cat lover in your life.

To qualify to win, write us a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or both. Deadline is end of day (midnight Pacific Time) on Sunday, March 5, 2017. Winner to be announced in an upcoming episode.

Tamar Arslanian lives in New York City, and started her blog several years ago, I Have Cat, with the tagline, “Single in the City, with Cat(s).” Shop Cats of New York is her first work, and she shares about her writer’s journey, living the single life in New York, and her life with cats. She also discusses the importance of finding homes for cats, even in Continue Reading →

103: Rupert Fawcett, Off the Leash + On the Prowl, Cartoons for Dog and Cat Lovers

Rupert Fawcett is our talented and thoughtful guest this week. He is the person behind the well-known Off the Leash and On the Prowl cartoons for dogs and cats, respectively. Rupert entertains dog and cat-lovers around the world with his humor and his ability to point out the highlights, quirks, and compromises that exist living with our companion animals.

Rupert shares his artistic journey, his latest projects, and his love of dogs and cats!

Off the Leash’s Facebook Page, with over 850,000 followers Continue Reading →

102: Ellen Westkaemper, Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue + Dancing Nathan

Ellen Westkaemper is Foster Home Coordinator for Bald Is Beautiful Dog Rescue, focused on hairless dog breeds. Ellen shares a wide range of stories on Bald Is Beautiful, her own dogs Dexter and Owen, along with Dancing Nathan, a Chinese Crested dog whose dancing has attracted millions of views.

Bald Is Beautiful Dog Rescue is based in Greenville, South Carolina, and reaches all parts of the United States and beyond.

Continue Reading →

101: Patrick Major, Meet Sammy Davis: Who Rescued Whom

Patrick Major is our special guest today and he shares an incredible story. For much of his life, he suffered from kidney failure and disability from CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) Disease. When Patrick was at a low point, depressed and considering suicide, that’s when he and his girlfriend discovered the healing power from a dachshund named Sammy Davis.

Patrick and Sammy Davis were featured on an Animal Planet show called Saved, and Sammy Davis has won Wiener Dog races and is an accomplished disc dog. Patrick can be found through “Meet Sammy Davis.” Two more dogs have joined the family – Karma, an Australian Shepherd, and Marley, a small dog mix, and they are both disc dogs.

Meet Sammy Davis resources Continue Reading →

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