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100: Andrea Jordan, Business Strategist, LearnDiscoverBeFree: Rescue on the Road

Andrea Jordan is our wonderful guest for Episode 100! She is from New Zealand, and after seventeen years in the corporate world in New Zealand and the UK, she decided to become a digital nomad. She is a business strategist who works with entrepreneurs and business owners through her venture, LearnDiscoverBeFree.

Andrea practices what she preaches, traveling around the world to live, to work, and to play. In today’s episode, she shares her own creative way of getting involved with animal rescue.

New Coaching Program!

Here’s a new program that Andrea has just put on her website. It’s a 30-day group program for entrepreneurs who’ve had trouble taking action in their business. The participants take an idea and implement it during the program.

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99: Nancy discusses Wings of Rescue flight, Harold talks animal photography

In today’s episode, Nancy shares her experience helping transport 14 dogs from Livermore Airport in California to Idaho with the organization Wings of Rescue. The Front Street Animal Shelter transported 25 dogs!

Harold shares some of his thoughts on shelter animal photography for the beginner photographer.

Resources for Nancy Rhee’s discussion on Wings of Rescue

Contra Costa Animal Services

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98: Deb Ozarko, The Unplug Podcast: Love of Self, Animals, and Earth

Deb Ozarko is today’s amazing guest. She is the host of the Unplug podcast, a so-called Warrior of Truth, Soul Activist, and animal lover. She lives in British Columbia, and today she shares her personal journey and about the dogs and cats in her life.

The dogs she lives with are Zoey, Francis, and Dharma. Her cats are Barney, Tony, and Karma.

Gene Baur is founder of Farm Sanctuary. To protect farm animals from Continue Reading →

97: Jonnie Taylor & Natalie Scheffler, Entrepreneurs: Pawsitively Remembered

Natalie Scheffler and Jonnie Taylor are our talented guests today. They attend Hoover High School in North Canton, Ohio.

Jonnie, Natalie, and several classmates created a company called Pawsitively Remembered. They share about the development of the company, their two products – wind chimes and dog tags, along with the animals in their lives.

Pawsitively Remembered Website

Facebook page

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96: Catherine O’Brien, The Pawcast Podcast & Branch Out Programs

Catherine O’Brien is our incredible guest today. She is host of The Pawcast, a podcast that showcases the rescue animals of Friends of the Animals (FOTA) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She also runs Branch Out Programs, where she helps her clients transform presentations into courses, speaking series, and podcasts.

Today she shares about her thoughts on podcasting, animal rescue, and her own personal journey.

Friends of the Animals (FOTA) recently received a $25,000 grant from the Pedigree Foundation to help treat heartworm, something rescued dogs in Louisiana often suffer from.

To find Catherine O’Brien and her podcasts

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95: Melinda Lee, Flash Episode: Great Deal on Dog Food

If you like a deal, Melinda Lee is our guest today with a terrific time-sensitive idea. She was previously our winner of books during our Pit Bull series. Her dog is a pit bull named Shea.

Take a look at this link (which may go away soon) for a great deal on dog food from Amazon. Around $10.75 for a 15 pound bag. Variety Dog Food’s “Grandma’s Dinner – Chicken”

It’s a 3-star rated dog food (out of five stars) and you can buy a maximum of five bags. A great way to donate food to your local animal rescue organization.

Melinda Lee helps out at Live Love Bark Rescue, in Islip, New York.

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94: Most Popular Episode of 2016: Irith Bloom, Episode 5

The most listened to episode of 2016 is our first episode with Irith Bloom!

Irith Bloom, of The Sophisticated Dog, is a trainer of dogs and other animals. She uses positive reinforcement, and we learn about her story, addressing the topics of barking and the power of choice in this episode.

Irith Bloom is based in the Los Angeles area, and she speaks in the United States and around the world on a variety of training topics.

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