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77: Mark Dillon, Plant-Based Conversations Podcast: Your Animal Rescue & Vegan Story

Mark Dillon is host of Mark Dillon’s Plant-Based Conversations podcast (formerly the Mindful Vegan podcast). He has a wide range of impressive guests – doctors, chefs, and people who may surprise you as being vegans. In today’s episode, Mark discusses his own journey to becoming a vegan, and shares his animal rescue story.

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76: Adam Goldberg, Pet Photographer, AGoldPhoto: Animal Rescue Creativity

Adam Goldberg is a pet photographer in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. He has some wonderful perspectives on creative and artistic ideas for animal rescue, including his Photo Shoot Fundraisers. Adam can be found through AGoldPhoto or hanging out with his dog, Rigby.

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75: Nancy and Harold: Pit Bull Series Wrap, Our Amazing Fosters, Montreal BSL & Ban

Nancy and Harold wrap up our Pit Bull Series, discuss our Wonder Fosters – KD, who got adopted, Curry, and Phelps – and talk about the Montreal vote on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) that would ban pit bull-type dogs.

Some major population areas that do ban pit bull-type dogs include Miami-Dade County, Florida, Denver, Colorado, and the Province of Ontario. Statistically, it has been difficult to see how dog bans improve public safety.

Montreal Gazette article on the pit bull ban

Nancy Rhee rescues dogs primarily through the Contra Costa Humane Society in Northern California.

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74: Sophie Gamand, Pit Bull Flower Power & Wet Dog: Photography, Intuition, and Fear

Sophie Gamand is an artist in New York City who is best known for her dog photography through her award-winning book, Wet Dog, and her easily recognizable photos called Pit Bull Flower Power (or #pitbullflowerpower). Sophie talks about her journey as an artist, along with her own experience in animal rescue.

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73: Pit Bulls! Dr Sara Kelly, CenLa Alliance For Animals: On the Front Lines of Rescue

Dr. Sara Kelly is an emergency medicine physician who runs the all-volunteer CenLa Alliance for Animals in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Dr. Kelly, along with Keri Toth and Greta Jones, were featured in a chapter of Peter Zheutlin’s book, Rescue Road: One Man, Thirty Thousand Dogs, and a Million Miles on the Last Hope Highway. They work on the difficult front lines of animal rescue, welfare, and care and we appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Dr. Kelly also tells the story of Survivor, a pit bull she found on the side of a highway.

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72: Belinda Morrison, Be More Fitness & CB Rescue: Your Animal Welfare Story

Belinda Morrison is a master trainer and owner of Be More Fitness in Calgary, Alberta. She and her husband Colin have started CB Rescue, with the ultimate goal to build an animal rescue facility.

Belinda is constantly on the move, with her fitness business, her passion for animals and rescue, and four grown-up children.

As a six-year old, Belinda was attacked by a German Shepherd. Even though she grew up very fearful of dogs, about eight years ago her family adopted their first dog, and she now rescues dogs of all sizes and shapes, including a pit bull they met in Las Vegas named Lucky.

Be More Fitness – Belinda Morrison, Master Trainer

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71: Bronwen Dickey, author of Pit Bull: The Battle Over An American Icon

Bronwen Dickey is the author of Pit Bull: The Battle Over An American Icon, a book that has received plenty of positive reviews and critical praise, and a little bit of controversy due to its subject matter.

Bronwen spent several years to research and to write this book, and during our conversation she shares some revealing insights into the nature of pit bulls and of people. We address some myths surrounding Pit Bulls, including the “Nanny Dog” label, and jaw strength.

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Bronwen Dickey’s Unedited Reading from Pit Bull: The Battle Over An American Icon

Bronwen Dickey reads from her book Pit Bull: The Battle Over An American Icon. This is the unedited version of her reading from several early passages in her book.

Join us for our upcoming interview with Bronwen Dickey on Thursday, September 8.

Thanks to Peter Zheutlin for connecting us with Bronwen. He was a previous guest on Pawprint, and is author of the NY Times Bestseller, Rescue Road: One Man, Thirty Thousand Dogs, and a Million Miles on the Last Hope Highway.

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70: Nancy, Harold, & the Adventures of Curry, Simone, and KD

Nancy Rhee and Harold Rhee discuss fosters Curry, Simone (adopted!), and KD. Nancy primarily fosters with the Contra Costa Humane Society.

Curry is named after Stephen Curry, and KD is named after Kevin Durant. Both play basketball for the Golden State Warriors.

Join us for our upcoming interview with Bronwen Dickey, author of Pit Bull: The Battle Over An American Icon. Continue Reading →

69: Pit Bulls! Michelle Sathe, Best Friends Animal Society: Strut Your Mutt, & Pit Stops

Michelle Sathe is Public Relations Specialist for Best Friends Animal Society, as well as the author of two books, Pit Stops and Pit Stops 2.

Best Friends’ motto is Save Them All with a national goal to end all killing of animals in shelters. They are known for being one of the organizations that took in the Michael Vick pit bulls (renamed the Vicktory Dogs), as featured in the documentary film, The Champions.

During the months of September and October, Best Friends is hosting Strut Your Mutt across the United States. It’s a great way to raise funds for your own animal rescue organization. Continue Reading →

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