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Bonus clip: Michelle Sathe reads from Pit Stops

Michelle Sathe is Public Relations Specialist for Best Friends Animal Society, as well as an author of Pit Stops and Pit Stops 2. The books document two road trips Michelle took to spread awareness and to advocate for pit bulls and animal rescue across the United States.

We feature our full interview with Michelle Sathe in the upcoming episode 69. This is a bonus episode where Michelle reads excerpts from the fifth chapter of Pit Stops called, “Michael Vick, Crab Cakes, & Cheese Steaks.”

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If an episode doesn’t play on your favorite player, try these podcast apps!

Many podcast players are very reliable, but sometimes there is a delay or episodes are unavailable for a variety of reasons.

One quick fix to try is to Subscribe to the Pawprint Animal Rescue Podcast on your player, that can sometimes take care of the problem.

If that doesn’t work, the good thing is there are so many different players out there, if it doesn’t work on one right away, you can switch to one of these and it will play.

Suggested players

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67: Pit Bulls! Noelani Guerrero, Urban Suburban Apparel

Noelani Guerrero and her husband run Urban Suburban Apparel in the Fresno, California area. Customers purchase their designs from around the world. They have five beautiful pit bulls in their family – Indica, Malachi, Mayby, Nala, and Angel – and have fostered dozens of other dogs.

Noelani has an active social media following, including over 400,000 Instagram followers, which she uses to present pit bulls and other rescue animals in a positive light. Continue Reading →

Giveaway for our Pit Bull Series

We have a winner, congrats to Melinda!!

*The Giveaway is closed.* 

Thanks for your interest in our Giveaway for our Pit Bull series on the Pawprint Animal Rescue Podcast!

We gave away a five-pack of books by authors Bronwen Dickey, Paul Griffin, Sophie Gamand, Michelle Sathe, and Peter Zheutlin

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64: Sarah Wingfield, No Stress Pet Sitting: Your Journey in Animal Care

Sarah Wingfield is owner of No Stress Pet Sitting in the Gainesville, Florida area. She and her husband JD started their service in 2013.

Sarah shares her journey of starting a pet sitting service along with the ups and downs of running your own business. She also shares some animal stories, including her own dog, Campbell, and a surprise visit with a five foot python. Continue Reading →

61: Ask Irith, Part 4: Irith Bloom, Positive Reinforcement Trainer: Submissive Peeing & Urination

Irith Bloom, positive reinforcement dog trainer, addresses the topic of submissive peeing or anxious or excited urination. For example, your dog goes a little crazy when you or someone else enters the room, and proceeds to urinate all over the place. Continue Reading →

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